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MR Group

At Grupo MR, our primary objective is to ensure the technical and economic-financial quality of the projects in which we are involved. To achieve this objective, we have established ourselves as a professional organization with a highly trained team of engineers, architects, and financiers, supported by specialists from other disciplines. By working collaboratively and adopting a systemic quality approach that is directed towards the society and the interests of our clients, we can ensure that the execution of projects is in harmony with the preservation of the environment, under conditions of sustainable development and within the predetermined standards of quality, cost, and time.

Grupo MR's board of directors is traditionally comprised of partners who are exclusively dedicated professionals responsible for the technical and administrative management of all activities related to the study, project, construction, and management of works. The upper management of our firm, which consists of university and postgraduate professionals, is flexible in its structure and is adapted to the needs and characteristics of each project. Within these projects, primary responsibilities are delegated to project leaders, construction directors, heads of specialized departments, and technical-administrative coordinators, within conventional operational diagrams.

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