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At MR Architecture, we approach each project as a new challenge to push the boundaries of design further. We see Architecture as an agent of change not only for shaping a more just, secure, and prosperous city, but also, on a smaller scale, for improving the quality of life of individuals. In our designs, we always aim to exploit the aesthetic experience of space, creating reactive and functional spaces that generate sensations through the spatiality and materiality of Architecture. By applying BIM, we ensure that our projects meet the timelines and resource optimization required to exceed our clients' expectations and satisfaction.

During the development of any type of project, we follow a series of conventionally accepted stages, from the initial study decision to the definition of feasibility and the adoption of the final project for its construction commencement.

More than 200,000 m² projected

​More than 30 executive projects prepared


Basic studies, conceptual development, feasibility study, architectural project and engineering.

Direction and supervision of works and administration of contracts.

BIM implementation

Technical assistance and consulting

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