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La Vela

Location: Cancun, Qroo.

Land area: 16,700m²

Built area: 60,000m²

Status: In construction

Program: Residential

Year: 2019

Company: MR Architecture

The Vela is a project consisting of three residential towers, each with 5 apartments per floor on 7 levels; totaling 35 apartments per tower and 105 apartments altogether. The apartments range in size from 300 to 400m². The land plot is elongated, causing most of the front to face the internal road of Puerto Cancun towards the south facade, while the north facade faces the canal and golf course.

The concept arises from the opportunity to create a building with a view for all apartments, without leaving any one of them unprivileged. The three towers are developed through two tangential arches that provide the greatest development of the facade, while optimizing shadows in the building to protect it from solar radiation, while ensuring a view towards the canal and golf course.

The complex features a range of amenities located on the north facade, including three swimming pools, a gym, a playroom, a lounge for adults, a spa, palapas, a beach volleyball court, and a paddle court. It also has an office center and barbecue area. All common areas have a view towards the canal and golf course, providing a comfortable space for all users. In addition, the orientation allows for airflow and a wide shaded area, satisfying the needs that a warm climate demands.

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