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Location: Queretaro, Mexico

Built area: 10,500m²

Status: Project finished

Program: Mixed use

Year: 2012

Company: MR Architecture

The project prioritizes the use of all available space by integrating various services and activities into one location. Additionally, the project aims to utilize all resources efficiently and implement necessary measures to ensure a sensible architectural outcome that is environmentally conscious.

In order to facilitate the development of commercial and administrative activities, the project is designed with flexible spaces, allowing each client to rent the area that best suits their needs and adapt it to their specific requirements. This is one of the great advantages of this development, as the open floor plan, with only columns and perimeter glazing, enables clients to use the space as they need.

The commercial area will offer a variety of goods to meet different needs, such as food, clothing, education, health services, recreation, among others. Meanwhile, the office area will provide a flexible space for administrative activities, with the significant advantage of having commercial services located nearby.

In addition to the administrative and commercial areas, there will be communal spaces, water features, gardens, and covered terraces distributed throughout the development, offering alternative spaces for interaction and socialization that are in line with contemporary needs and promoting significant public attendance to this mixed-use development.

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