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HBX 12

Location: Holbox, Qroo.

Land area: 1,000m²

Built area: 2,000m²

Status: Finished project

Program: Residential

Year: 2017

Company: MR Architecture (collaboration with m+n architects)

Throughout history, different typologies and construction systems have been created that account for certain physical, geographical, social, economic, and political conditions. When these conditions change, housing evolves. The Mayan house, as a vernacular architecture, is a living expression of an architectural object that responds to its environment. Its morphology of long and narrow volumes, as well as its high roofs, provide a refuge for an incessant warm and humid climate.

If we conceive housing as Enrique Ortiz does in his book "Towards a Habitat for Good Living": a conscious act of human a dynamic and progressive process...

It is necessary to propose a growth scheme for housing. This conscious act of human habitation as a dynamic and progressive process yields a first premise: everything can be done differently. It is then the task of architecture to reveal those other hidden ways in the face of those that are presented to us as unique.

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