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Location: Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

Built area: 500m²

Status: Project finished

Program: Residential

Year: 2020

Company: MR Architecture

The El Gavillero house is located in the middle of an alfalfa field on a practically flat surface, allowing the building to be located in the most suitable way in response to sunlight, winds, and dominant views. In this way, two axes are proposed on which the program of the house is developed. On the east-west axis, there are public activities such as the living room, dining room, terrace, kitchen, service, and parking. On the north-south axis, all private activities are developed, such as the bedrooms and more private rest areas. The intersection of these two axes generates a vestibule that articulates the two volumes, providing the main entrance to the house and creating a subtle distribution to the different spaces. This architecture is sensitive to the needs of human habitation with variations in height, orientation, and materiality that respond to its natural environment.

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