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Uruguay 73

Location: CDMX, Mexico

Built area: 8,000m²

Status: Built

Program: Offices

Leveling of the  building: 1999-2001

Carbon fiber reinforcement: 2001-2003

Steel reinforcement: 2003-2004

Company: MR Construction

One of the most challenging engineering projects in Mexico City, this 8-story building constructed in the 1960s experienced differential settlement, causing it to tilt more than 80 cm. Through the use of state-of-the-art re-leveling technology involving tunnels excavated beneath the foundation, hydraulic systems, and rigorous topographic control, we were able to correct the building's tilt in 8 months without vacating the premises. The second phase of this project involved structural reinforcement using carbon fiber textiles, epoxy resins, and high-strength steel elements to ensure long-term safety for the hundreds of people who work in the building on a daily basis.

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