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Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Built area: 400m²

Status: Project finished

Program: Offices

Year: 2020

Company: MR Architecture

This project presents an opportunity to rethink the concept of workspace. A concept that was already being reconsidered and was accelerated by the pandemic in 2020. It is clear that in the post-Covid19 world, workspaces must evolve, but the question is how? The new workspace must be a safe place where people can maximize creativity and productivity. Therefore, our first design element was to create spacious, high-ceilinged, and well-ventilated areas where the arrangement of workstations and circulation were designed together to avoid crowding at workstations and when moving between different areas within the coworking space. As a shared workspace, the program was arranged to ensure that users always maintain a safe distance, regardless of the activity they are performing.

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