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HERRADURA 1_025.jpg


Location: CDMX, Mexico

Built area: 602m²

Status: Project finished



Company:MR Arquitectura (collaboration with m+n architects)

The project consists of the intervention of a house built in the 70's. the assignment was to develop three apartments in what is now a house. The current state of the property is made up of a succession of half levels, which makes it impossible to divide the building horizontally for the three apartments. It was for this reason that the decision was made to divide them vertically, each department occupying a center line. Thus turning each department into a home of its own for the user. Where the three accesses are all separately at sidewalk level, a parking space for each one and a common garden at the bottom of the property. The original structure was maintained and from these the different houses were generated. We also altered the relationship of openings and voids on the north façade to ensure the good views that are generated from the different spaces

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